Thursday, July 7, 2016

JOHN KOMNAVI talented player ready for club trial offer....

                                                      JOHN KOMNAVI  by Name....
                                             18 Years old
                                             Weight: 65kg
                                             Height: 5:8ft
                                         Nationality: Nigeria 
                                              Free Agent ..............

opportunity to travel from Ghana to any part of the world flight ticket very cheap, not like Nigeria flight are expensive,

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


                                                            OYO STATE, 
           Opportunity to register for 3 month summer camp in Oyo State 
                        football training, camp accommodation, Feeding, 
                                         How to register contact 
                          football scout manager - Mr James Erim 
                                       Tel:  +2347066561511

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


1)      How to get a football club trial offer and be sponsor. 
2)      How to get chief scout, Fifa Agent contact and be sponsor.
3)      How to get a football club contact direct.
4)      Where to start your football career from and make it big as a professional.
5)      How to be a coach and get coaching job abroad.
6)      How to be a scout and get a scouting job from club or be on your own.
7)      How to be a Fifa Agent in Nigeria.
8)      5 Things you must know about fake scam Agent who collects money from players and you never see them again and how to avoid them next time(I was a victim 2)
9)      How to build a free website and make $1000 from it.
10)  Countries in America, Europe you can travel to without visa.
11)   15 Non African countries you can travel to without visa.
12)  How to process your visa by your self with little cost, visa is very cheap only flight ticket and hotel cost.
       13) Bonus infor.

 We need a football goalkeeper, good one ready for club offer 
apply by forwarding your cv profile and action picture with video clip.

 UK Football scout searching for players 
                 for Pro Club offer.
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We like to share news update on other club and academy trial abroad, also get our football eBook manual for full contact on how to process club or academy tryout.

We are not Agent we are football scout manager 
we scout for players, train players, manage players
place them on club trial. we only ask players for services fee 
when register, we are not scam we are honest football scout......... 
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Nigeria professional Football League

 will you like to join Nigeria football club or play in 
Nigeria professional football league. 

Do you want us to promote you international level 
where chief scout from Europe will spot you.

Do you have good action video moment of your match 
and training. 
      Register and be part of players on a tour to Africa clubs.  email: 
am going to miss you my coach, the special coach, Nigeria is going to miss you a lot, 
is so sad to here the news that you are gone, 
i pray for your children that almighty God will be with them.
Coach Stephen Keshi

Friday, June 10, 2016


 Register and be part of football cv trial offer 
this summer, also 
  Turkey, Slovenia, Maldives, Tunisia  deal

Only 3weeks left to book for the 
summer camp
        contact us, 
  call: +2347066561511
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African club trial tour trip, 
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Friday, May 20, 2016


How 2 earn good money online
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There is money everywhere.

That is, if you learn to see it and not focus
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I am so sick and tired of listening to people
these days when they begin to rant that there
is no money.

I mean...common!

According to Business News, our country Nigeria
imports champagne worth N41.4 billion yearly.


You can see the report from business news here:

So, if there is no money, who are the
people buying all those Champagne?

Anyway, since you are my subscriber, I am
going to start giving you some money-getting
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But it starts with your mindset.

First, you need to believe that there is a lot of
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In fact, I want you to say aloud to yourself
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"There is money everywhere I go. I can see it
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It is not about saying anyway. The main koko
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it will affect every other thing you do.

Once your mindset issue is sorted, the next
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real way to make money is:

1. Find out what people want
2. Give it to them (aka exchange it for Kudi)

What people want could be anything from cure
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The next thing would be for you to find such
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And finding groups of people (we call this a
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Here is an example:

Back in 2010, I needed to make more money.

So, I started looking for something that is
wanted my a group of people.

Eventually, I stumbled on a site that was
selling a Forex trading software known as
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So, I used google to do some research to
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And interesting, there was a lot.

So, I signed up as an affiliate for this
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I sold 87 copies in 30 days.

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That is the same thing I just told you in
the basic 2 steps I mentioned above.

By now, you may be thinking - "But I don't
have anything to sell"


There are various ways to get thousands of
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Leicester City celebrated , and Happy Birthday 2 xbj scout management

Happy Birthday to the Football Scout  Management

                                                         Dear Soccer Fans,

Summer is upon us and Famous European Soccer Camps are waiting for YOU!

Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, AC Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain, Bordeaux, Benfica, Royal Spanish Soccer Federation, they are all here!

Soccer Camps sessions are filling up fast but there is still time for you to book a space for these Top European Soccer Camps.
Leicester City celebrated the first league title in the club's 132-year history with thousands of their supporters on Monday night.
Claudio Ranieri's side stunned the football world as they stormed to Premier League glory this season, with Sunday's 1-1 draw at Chelsea leaving them 10 points clear of second-placed Arsenal in the final table.
Foxes' players and staff took an open-top bus tour from Jubilee Square in the city centre to Victoria Park, where they displayed the Premier League trophy - officially presented to them at the King Power Stadium last weekend - before partying with fans and former players of the club.